March 31, 2010

Mar 31

I’m really sorry about not updating sooner. More in a bit. First:

Tim Heslin, who I believe is with Sony/BMG (don’t quote me on that), e mailed this afternoon with the following information and asked that I let you know about it:

“I am working on Slash’s new album, and Dave Grohl has a callaboration on one song. The album, called Slash, is in stores next Tuesday, April 6th. The song is called “Watch This” and also features Duff McKagan.

So definitely check that out. I believe that date is for the United States so it might actually be out on Monday in other countries.

So just an update to let you know what happened. Basically I had an external hard drive with my entire LIFE saved to it and sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, it failed. It failed miserably. I lost everything. The good news is that for the most part I had most everything saved on DVDs or CDs. Things I had not saved: Them Crooked Vultures. Lucky for me some were stored on my camera still (Thank You LeAnn for reminding me to check) and some were obviously up on this website. So I’ve been in a huge panic trying to grab things here and there to somewhat return my files back to normal. The website files are always ok because they are uploaded to a server and I always keep an extra copy around.

The thing that hurt the most was a huge amount of my Family Tree / Genealogy research is gone. I had recently uncovered a huge amount of information on my father’s side of the family with photos etc. etc. and though I can still find that information online like I did before, it’s just going to take a lot of time to recover.

It’s all my fault for not backing the stuff up. So my advice to you: if you have ANYTHING in the way of photos, files, etc. BACK IT UP on something like a CD or an online file system for recovery. Don’t make the same mistake I did assuming it would just be there. The hard drive was less than a year old.

Thanks to everyone who lived through the panic with me and donated jillions (and I mean jillions) of Dave related photos. You guys are nuttier than me. Thanks especially to Karina and her friends who sent a ton of photos and some I’d never even seen before. I really appreciate how much you guys care about the website and it’s nice to have so many friends out there.

So once I really get everything in order I promise to have a much better update. I have photos from Royal Albert Hall/TCV that James sent in so I’ll get them posted as well as a few other things. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Oh yeah, and back your shit up.

See you guys in a couple of weeks in Las Vegas.

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