May 05, 2010

May 05

Coming to you live from Lowell, MA juvenile court as yours truly has been selected to appear at Jury Duty and do my civic duty as a good American. So, while I sit around for hours waiting to see if I am one of the chosen ones, I thought I would work on our 6 year online anniversary update. I just sort of realized that today marks 6 yrs we’ve been online…probably because I just received an e mail to pay the bill (Which I did. You’re welcome.).

Let me take a moment to just say that the past 6 yrs have been quite interesting because of this place. I’ve made a ton of new friends. I’ve met a crazy amount of people and I think the most surprising part of it for me is that we’re all really a lot alike. (Some of you ARE weirdos though.. you know who you are..)

Not to mention I’ve had the absolute privilege to be able to talk with Dave quite a few times at various concerts (Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures) and I still find that one hard to wrap my brain around. This website started as a project for a website class that I took because I wanted to learn web design. I never dreamed that anyone would ever look at it. I never thought it would be online 6 yrs after that class. I never thought that I would be given so many opportunities and so many friends because of it so yes, it means a lot to me. Some of my dearest friends in my life now are because of this place. So thank you for continuing to hang out, contribute, and for every kind word you ever extended to me. I appreciate it more than I could ever let you know.

Now, having said that – it’s not always a piece of cake. There are times my email inbox completely explodes. I made a promise to myself that if I was going to run this website that I was not going to ‘half-ass’ it as my dad would say. Sometimes I am overwhelmed, but I’ve never regretted it. There are times I’m not so quick to reply to all of the e mails and there are times that I’m absolutely at a loss for words to some of the things that end up in said Inbox, but that’s to be expected I guess.

Some of the more interesting things I have received: obviously requests for signed articles (posters, CDs etc) from Dave because that is probably a really easy thing for me to get, right? No. I don’t even ask for myself so I’m sorry that I can’t do that for you. More recently I was told that I shouldn’t have a problem getting these items since I do in fact “work” and am “employed” by Dave. Mm hm. Wrong. I do not work for Dave. This one had me laughing for about 24 hrs really.

Sometimes people who went to school with Dave *wink* are in desperate need to get in contact with him again and write out long, obsessive e mails about how I absolutely have to pass along a letter to him to reconnect. I kind of have an idea that if he went to school with you and was your friend, he’s probably somehow still in touch. If not, well there’s really nothing I can do for you. I really have no way of contacting him other than maybe putting something up here on the news section and hoping he reads it – which will not be happening so don’t bother asking.


Oh I could go on and on, but you have other websites to visit… Facebook statuses to update.. Tweets to ..tweet – or whatever it is Twitterers do.

Thanks again, everyone – it’s been a lot of fun. I guess we’ll continue to update and meet up as a bunch of NERDS at shows. Why not? Good times.

Check back in the next few days. I have a lot of updates in the form of about $45 I spent on rock magazines recently. Maybe if I’m selected as a juror I’ll actually have time to put those scans up.

Yours nerdly,


Juror # 024947336

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