May 06, 2010

May 06

So let’s kick off our 7th year here with some lovely photos of my boss, Dave. (see previous update for the punchline)

The May 2010 issue of Spin Magazine is dedicated to the 100 Moments that rocked the world, and wouldn’t you know it – Davie G. is # 1. Ok not in that sense, but he IS holding up the international sign for ‘I’m # 1’.

Moment # 31 – a little band out of Seattle – maybe you’ve heard of them…”Nirvana”..? Ring a bell? Well, they hired this drummer and the rest is history…

Rolling Stone Issue 1104 dated May 13, 2010 with *sigh* Robert Downey, Jr. on the cover has this little photo taken at Coachella of Dave grilling up those steaks that he flippin’ served to our friend Julio (see April 2010 archives).

Check out Joe Beebe in that photo. I have to tell you that I have been on the receiving end of that look from Beebs. (Kidding).

Q Magazine’s May 2010 issue features the 100 greatest Front Men. 3 guesses as to who is on the list and the first two don’t count. That’s right, your boy Dave is # 35 which in reality is total effin’ bullshit. Come on, Q Magazine. You’re gonna put Chris “I named my kid after a fruit” Martin higher than Dr. G? You’re dead to me, Q. DEAD. Yet somehow you still got my $9.99 which is highway robbery.

You know what’s sort of funny (and sad) about the Q&A’s on that piece is that when describing his fans, Dave said “Zits, Braces, and money for T-shirts”. I read that and thought about myself and thought ‘Well, 1 out of 3 ain’t so bad.’ (In case you’re wondering I took the ‘money for T-shirts’ line and applied it to myself.) Then I looked in the mirror and realized that currently I’m sporting a mouth full of braces and..what’s that spot on my chin?? Christ, when the man is right, he’s REALLY right!

This also appears in the latest issue of Q Magazine (DEAD TO ME!!!) and because I’m such a sharing/caring person I’m including it in my update. So all you Taylor fans enjoy:

Click to enlarge

More about Taylor in a moment.

The May/June 2010 issue of Revolver magazine features the Golden Gods Awards where Dave presented Lemmy the ‘Splatterhouse Lifetime Acheivement’ Award:

You can catch Dave playing drums on ‘Ace of Spades’ at this event here:

I’m including this photo from the index of the magazine for obvious reasons (Click to Enlarge). There’s our friend Dave again giving that #1 sign and … not sure what the other hand is supposed to be doing..?

I think of my brother when I see Dave Mustaine because he used to walk around the house yelling “HELLO ME, IT’S ME AGAIN” just to annoy the shit out of me and even to this day I’ll get a random text message or e mail from him with the same words in the title or some shit or he’ll send the YouTube link to ‘Sweating Bullets’ to me. Ahh, Steve – you never disappoint me, little brother.

Dave G. looks a little like he might actually be sweating bullets in that photo. Look how crazy Mustaine looks. I’m sending this to my brother.

What Golden Gods of Rock magazine would be complete without a full size poster as seen here. I apologize for the quality – it’s folded in half and bigger than my scanner so you know, go buy the flippin’ magazine if you want this thing on your wall.

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That’s all I have in the way of Dave, but wanted to say that last weekend my friends Veronica & Emily randomly showed up at my apartment here in Boston so I took them in and treated them to a weekend on the town (seriously, you have not LIVED until you have visited an Irish pub with one Emily Hopkins. Girlfriend knows ALL the songs). Anyway, we also caught Taylor Hawkins at ‘Great Scott’ and I have to tell you – he put on a fantastic show! We got to talk to him for a bit and he was very sweet and signed some CDs and posters and we had a great time! Thank you, Taylor. Here are a few photos and then I’m officially done with this update. Happy Weekend, everyone!

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