May 07, 2005

May 07

Hey guys – guess what? It’s our 1 year Online Anniversary! What do you think?

Yep, we’re having a party here. 20,000 hits in a year ain’t too shabby. And you haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until we hit the ‘terrible two’s’.

(The above images were swiped from ” Goedeline ” so thanks for making those for us to stare at all day).

I’ve been promising you the Crossbeat Article on the new Foo Fighters Album for a while. This of course is the article that our friend Megumi from Tokyo translated for us. I’ve finally had a moment to get it together and get it put up here. I didn’t fool much with the translating thing. I sort of like the way that it was written. It gives a little more information into what some of the new songs sound like.

I wish I’d been invited to the BBQ. I love that shit. Not to mention, I could use a drink right about now.

Where do I turn in my resume to be the official photographer on this upcoming Foo tour? I need a change of venue myself.

Thanks to everyone for visiting over the past year and for signing up at our forums and just hanging out with us. You are appreciated!


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