May 19, 2010

May 19

The 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. will be celebrating their 30 yr anniversary on Monday, May 31, 2010. Here’s a nice article about the club’s history and a quote by Dave:

Dave Grohl, former Nirvana and Scream drummer, and current frontman for the Foo Fighters:

I went to the 9:30 club hundreds of times. I was always so excited to get there, and I was always bummed when it closed. I spent my teenage years at the club and saw some shows that changed my life. The first time I played there was with my band Dain Bramage, when I was 15 or 16. I scored my first record deal that night, with Fartblossom Records. It was already the greatest night of my life — as a kid growing up in the D.C. punkrock scene, your first show at the 9:30 club might as well have been Royal Albert Hall or Madison Square Garden. Scream played there a few times, and then Nirvana played there just as “Nevermind” came out and we were starting to get popular.

Here’s another quote:

Hurwitz: The original Black Cat was a little bigger than the old 9:30 club, had a little nicer dressing room — everything was just a little better — and had a celebrity investor in Dave Grohl. When it opened, all these bands I thought were loyal started a mass exodus. I remember one agent said to me: “Nobody plays the 9:30 anymore. It’s dead.” I had to prove them wrong.

Grohl: That club had a special place in everybody’s heart. But it was difficult for local bands to get shows there, and some of the tickets were a little too expensive for some people to afford. The idea with the Black Cat was to open up a bigger room that wouldn’t have to have a high ticket price. It would be for local bands, rather than national touring acts, and it would be a little more musician-friendly. There were lot of good things about the old 9:30 club, but there were some bad things about it, too. Load-in was a bitch, the dressing room was small, and it had that [expletive] pole and those rats. Then Seth went and opened the new club. Ask any band that’s toured the country more than once what their favorite venue to play is, and nine out of 10 will say the new 9:30 club.

I like that ‘load-in’ got called a bitch.

Anyway, rumor has it that Dave could show up on the 31st for an acoustic set… and me? I’m sick of hanging out in Boston so ROAD TRIP if so.

My friend Kelsey sent in some photos from the TCV Roseland NYC show from February – I’m sorting through those and should have them up in the next few days. Promise.

Also wanted to mention that I had a really great time last weekend because my friend Elle from Germany flew in with her husband and we were able to finally meet in person. Elle is the woman who does all of the graphic designs for this website. She’s awesome and I really did enjoy meeting her and her husband and getting to know her in person! We took the Boston Duck Boat tour (I got to drive the boat on the Charles river and we all lived to tell about it!) and we snapped this photo:

Elle & Leecy. Graphic Designer and Web Designer for

Elle is now enjoying the rest of her vacation in Florida but is heading back home soon and will be front row (I am told) at the Amsterdam Them Crooked Vultures show in June. I’m jealous.

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