May 21, 2004

May 21

Happy Friday everyone… got plans? Going out? Hanging out online? Well, let’s waste no more time and get to the updates……..

First we have a lovely bunch of photos that our friend Tara so unselfishly donated. You can check them out HERE and HERE . Thank you, Tara! These are from her ‘private’ collection. Dave at the Troubadour in 2001 and Dave drumming for Queens of the Stoneage in Portland, OR in 2002.

What else…? Let’s see.. Yep.. I updated the Videos Page in the ‘Dave Photos’ section. Do the ‘clicky’ thing right HERE for new images for Learn to Fly, All My Life, Walking After You, My Hero, and Low videos.

Oh.. and let’s just take a moment to click HERE and embarrass Dave (the man of the hour!) to the point of him throwing his computer against the wall. Me? I would have had a crush on him back in the day… SURPRISE!!

And while I’m on the subject… you might as well sign my guest book over there.. to the left..see it? Because how the hell am I supposed to know what you think of the place? Love it? Hate it? Couldn’t care less?

So my little Dave fanatics… there will be a lot more to come. Please feel free to e mail me with any thoughts and/or concerns..ideas.. contributions… I’m a nice girlie, despite my behavior in Foo Free sometimes. Let’s talk .


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