May 22, 2004

May 22

It’s Saturday! And you know what that means.. Tattoo day! Yes, my friends, have I got all of your tattooed Dave pics for you. How many times have we seen it before? “Anybody got a pic of Dave’s heart tattoo on his finger?” “What about his tattoo on his chest?” “Hey- I want to get the FF symbol on the back of my neck.. anyone got a copy of that?” Well, look no further dearies. Leecy will take care of you. I know what you want.. what your heart desires.. you bunch of freaks. So without further ado… TATTOO YOU . Hey, I look at it this way: he took the time to get inked, the least we can do is admire it from afar. I’m sure that’s exactly how Dave would want it. From afar.

Oh sure.. it’s early in the day. I’m sure if you check back, I will have gone through my bag of tricks to satisfy your daily Dave urge.

So we’ve got this message board thingie.. and all the mod’s over there are HOT CHICKS. I’m not fibbin’. There’s lots of sections with loads of different topics. This is no time to be shy.. get your ass over there and start flirting with us. We’re just as desperate as you are.

And sign my Guest Book. That’s an order!


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