May 23, 2004

May 23

Well, I promised a big update and guess what? I lied. Actually, I spent most of yesterday trying to hook up a video capture card for future updates, but it seems I’m retarded and need someone to help me. So… hang in there. Have SOME sort of faith in me.

I do have a teeny little bit though. I added about 4 new images in the ‘Tour Posters’ area. Also added an image to the Videos page for the video ‘The One’. And believe me when I say AN image. I had about four CDs full of images and CD #3 wants to act like a little bitch and not load for me. Probably full of images of all the stuff my site is lacking. Which brings me to this: If you have contributions to make here in the way of images or.. whatever!!.. please PLEASE contact me at . I’ll even put your name up here in the news section.

The good news is that we’re up past 20 members at our Message Board so you should really sign up and start talking. And be sure to sign the Guest Book once you’ve gone through the site and drooled all over your keyboard over those Walking After You pics . Don’t deny it, you know you did.


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