May 23, 2005

May 23

Weenie pictures? Hmm…. got ’em! :p KROQ Weenie Roast photos from May 21. Actually, I’ve been wanting to use that joke for a while because I’m a ‘tard like that.

Here’s the deal with the videos. I don’t have the video section of my site up because those Jools Holland videos completely ATE my bandwidth. I mean, I had to call my hosting company and BEG them not to suspend my account. I’m probably taking a huge chance here just uploading these KROQ pics. Soo… if suddenly the site shuts down, it might be that way until the first of the month. Don’t cry, we’ll be back because we’re obsessed like that. (Kidding. Sort of.) Just so you know, I don’t have the Best of You video and I don’t have the Making the Video of Best of You on video either, nor do I have the video from the weenie roast. Anything else, e mail me at


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