May 29, 2004

May 29

I have yet to see these online yet, and it’s such a shame because my friends, it’s every bit of Dave-a-licious. This is what happens when I get a little extra money in my pocket and decide to fork it over for a video capture card. Now here’s the rules.. I don’t mind you stealing the pics… ’cause anyone in their right mind WOULD, but for crying out loud, give me a little credit for them.. and please don’t link from this website if you’re posting them at other places. Just find yourself a nice hosting place and go crazy. ‘K?

So, without further ado.. Making of Tenacious D’s Tribute Video

Hmm.. what else? Added a pic to the Big Me Video Page.

Added some pics to the Shake Your Blood Video Page.

Added another pic to the Tattoo page.

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