November 02, 2009

Nov 02

First, I’d like to say Happy 10 yr anniversary to ‘There is Nothing Left to Lose’. For very personal reasons, that’s the album that “saved my life” in a sense. I’ll blog about it sometime, but not right now.

I also wanted to share this with my fellow Foo Fighters fans. This is really great to watch.


A Brief History of Foo Fighters…

Foo Fighters | Myspace Music Videos

And at the risk of sounding like a great, big nerd, I just want to say that the Facebook concert from Foo Fighters the other night was incredible. Of course we’re all nerds sitting around our computers and chatting with our Foo-friends that we’ve made over the years but it really was a lot of fun to interact with one another and watch the band that we all love. The “set list” was amazing. I really couldn’t believe that Wattershed, Enough Space & Weenie Beenie were all played. Excellent. I hope you guys put that shit out on DVD because I’ll buy it up, and if you do decide to broadcast your rehearsals once a week or month – I know a lot of nerds that will watch every one of those rehearsals.

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