November 09, 2005

Nov 09

I added a few more photos from the MTV Awards in Lisbon. You’ll need to scroll down to see the new additions.

Aline has donated some photos that she took on August 20th 2005 at Highfield Festival, Erfurt Germany [Hohenfelden]. Thank you!!!!

My friend Melissa – you may know her from her screen name “Rival” – has a friend that interviewed Dave & Chris. What did they talk about? Pfft. She didn’t tell me, but here’s the photographic evidence.

So here’s the deal… I was kind of getting sick and tired of being called ‘Cat’ because it really isn’t even my name. So I’m getting rid of the name Cat and just going by my real name Leecy… which is a sort-of nickname for Lisa. You can call me either. I know it’s a hard thing to change and refer to someone else by another name after a couple of years, but it’s time to move on. RIP Cat.


~Leecy (The Artist Formally Known as “Cat”.)

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