November 16, 2005

Nov 16

I added a few more pictures (screen caps) from the tribute to Johnny Cash that aired tonight on CBS television. You’ll need to scroll down to see them.

Seems we’re having a little trouble with our forum (in other news, the sky is blue) but it should be back up in a few hours or that is what tech support is telling me.

On a more personal note, thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes that you sent my way today. I can’t remember the last birthday I had like this… so many gifts and letters etc. etc. and I’m thankful for you all. Megumi, you sweetheart..thanks for the DVD’s of Foo Fighters at Fuji Rock Festival. How you timed getting that to Texas from Tokyo, I’ll never know. Thanks again. And thanks Kelly from Australia for making that lovely slide show with birthday music and well, all those Dave pictures.

Much love,


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