October 01, 2007

Oct 01

My God. Can you believe it is October? I have quite a bit of an update for you so let’s roll.

A new “Bluegrass” Foo Fighters Tribute CD has just been released. That’s right. Bluegrass. I wouldn’t believe it myself, but I have proof:

Click on the album cover to listen to mp3 samples. It does my heart good to hear that Bluegrass twang singing “Fingernails are pretty.. fingernails are good”. (Or is that purdy, not pretty?) Anyway, it might be fun to add this to your collection.

Looks like the Foos were fliming their newest music video this past week (Long Road to Ruin)and wow, if you thought bluegrass was strange, how about that moustache Dave’s sporting….

This is kind of interesting. Check out Wiley as “Grace” in some videos made recently in NYC with the Foo guys.

Or catch Dave getting a little emotional…

Also, BB has some great new photos up on his site – so go over there and check them out.

And finally, need to see the making of “The Pretender” video? Part One | Part Two. Has anyone ever seen Nate speak so much?


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