October 01, 2009

Oct 01

I’m so excited that it’s October because I’m going to the Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. & New York City Them Crooked Vultures shows! I am soooo broke now! Yay!

The new Foo Fighters video “Wheels” is available at MTV.com but I believe it is only available to watch if you live in the good ol’ U.S.A. Here it is – sorry if you can’t view it:


If you can’t view it, well never fear – I made some video screen caps. They’re not the best quality and the video is sort of dark to begin with so I did the best that I could.

Also wanted to point out that it’s been a while since I got any new photos of you guys posing with Dave so I sent out a message via Twitter & Facebook asking for you to send in your photos and Brendan is the only one who sent one in so I’ll feature him here on the front page.

You can check them all out HERE

See you guys soon @ TCV!

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