October 04, 2006

Oct 04

Welcome to the redesigned sweetparamania.com. Hope everyone enjoys the site and can find thier way around easily enough. Just a bit of housekeeping – The site isn’t 100% complete. Mainly the photos page isn’t finished. There is a lot of uploading to do for it and alot of resizing photos for thumbnails etc. This should be completed by the end of the week. So please be patient with us until that section of the site is completed. This site is now using alot of popups for viewing the larger sized images from the thumbnails. This has been done to reduce loading time of the pages. So please turn off your popup blockers or allow this site or whatever you need to do. Also we are using a bit of javascript. Most people should be javascript enabled but if you have any problems just check if you are javascript enabled. The website seems to function beautifully in Firefox. Internet explorer may try and block content. If this is the case just go to the internet explorer information bar and allow content. We promise we arn’t hiding any nasties! only Davey-love here 🙂 If you have any issues with the site please contact either Lisa or Kelly for help. Also if you find any mistakes please let us know. We are only human after all! Other than that … have a look around and enjoy the site 🙂


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