October 05, 2010

Oct 05

Why did we think the fun & shenannigans of Fresh Pots would be the end of silly Dave videos?

Just so you know, this photo is making the Internet rounds, and it’s really just hysterical.

If you haven’t seen the video in question, here you go:

Not one, but BOTH of my best friends called me from Texas yesterday after seeing this video and asked me, “Leecy, WHAT IS WRONG with Dave Grohl??” As if somehow I’m a little bit responsible for things like this. Then they both have the nerve to end the conversation with ‘he’s so cute though’ & ‘Oh my God he’s so funny’. As if I haven’t heard that one before.

Dave’s suing the Scissor Sisters for $75 million because he can’t get the image of that guy’s balls out of his head? I’m suing Dave for $100 million for that “Low” Video image of him shaking his ass out of that underware – you know what I’m talking about. Is $100 million going to erase that from MY life? Probably not. It’s a start though.

And off-topic – if you’re around New York City the weekend of November 6 – that has officially been dubbed ‘Scorpio Holiday’ which is really just a fancy way for me to celebrate my birthday (officially Nov. 16). I’m turning 40 so come out to meet up with me before I crumble up into a pile of old dust or something. And please feel free to purchase this for me. Thanks!!! You’re the best!


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