October 08, 2004

Oct 08

You know… you gotta love a man who can play drums, guitar, or any instrument really… and can also use his hands to build a studio. Sexy, my friends… that’s hot.

I’m working hard on the video page, but so far.. I’m having no luck in making my own videos so I’m grabbing them from elsewhere. Hopefully I’m picking some things that you guys and gals would like to see. If not, well, send videos to me, dammit!

If you’re bored, you could sign up with us over at our messge board or sign my guest book. Otherwise, you’re just sitting around waiting for more studio pictures like me. All though, I don’t think that they could get any better than those two pics. Dave looks good in green. Hell, I’m inspired and changed my text color.

On a side note… I get to see The Pixies this month.. I don’t know if I’ll recover or not so I might not have an update until November.


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