October 11, 2005

Oct 11

So I was being a good friend and trying not to bother Miss Rival as she was vacationing in lovely California but as soon as she left, our forum went DOWN. I finally caved a few days ago and text messaged her and begged for her help. Luckily she had all ready returned and she and her brother Scott went to work on bringing it back up. Long story short, I could have had the damn thing fixed if I had just bothered to contact my hosting company. (For any of you who claim to be regulars around here, you know our history with our hosting company… those bastards..) Funny thing is though that for a few days they claimed that it wasn’t their problem or wasn’t something that they could fix (*yawn, I’ve heard this story before*) and that I needed to re-install my forum etc. etc. Today around lunch time, as I was enjoying my tuna fish on wheat, I get a lovely e mail from those hosting type guys “Oh, your board is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

***shakes fist at dot5hosting.com***

I say we all deserve a look at THESE for the pain and suffering that we have endured these three weeks.

Rolling Stone Issue # 985 with Sir Paul McCartney on the cover has a little article about “In Your Honor” and how it’s copy protected and giving people fits with their iPods.

And last (but certainly not least) I want to point you in the general direction of the best Chris Shiflett website out there. Shifty Is Nifty.com . We’re proud to call them a sister site. ….. brother site? Ok, it’s another great site ran by another great group of girls. I’m going to add them to our links page and I insist that you get all your Chris news there. *I have spoken*.

Catch you ‘tards later…


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