October 27, 2004

Oct 27

Happy Birthday, Simon le Bon! Wait.. wrong website..

Sooooo… Melodie has offered up some fiiiiiiine video for us… She’s given me quite a few to choose from, but at the moment I’m putting up my favorite two. There are sooo many naughty things that I could say (and think) while watching these videos. Actually, I *did* say and think naughty things, but I’ll spare you. Spare? Spair? Sp..?

Um.. less than a week before our big election here in the U.S of A. (Go Kerry!) and our boys will be in Madison, WI. tomorrow to help support John Kerry and John Edwards… so if you are in Madison too, get the hell down there and take pictures for me. FREE TICKETS

Dave, if you’re reading, um.. we all want to know what brand of cell phone you use. Thanks.



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