September 01, 2008

Sep 01

Hi Everyone,

Rick from Acetate Records e-mailed me the other day to let us know about the new Jackson United CD “Harmony And Dissidence”. What you might not know is that Dave played drums on the new album (along with Taylor Hawkins). Rick will be sending along 3 copies of the album to me so they’re up for grabs. Just send me a quick e-mail at and let me know why I should send you a copy since you happen to be Chris’ biggest fan.

You can read more about the album and tour dates (no East Coast… boo!) by clicking the banner below:

My friend Candi sent along some photos & videos from the Rochester, NY Foo Fighters show in July and I’ve had them for a while but just haven’t had a chance to post them. Here’s Candi (on the left) with our friend Emily (on the right) at the show:

What’s really cool is Candi’s new tattoo. (Click to enlarge)

You can see Candi’s photos from the show HERE and in addition, she took some really great video. This is just one example, you can see all of her videos on her YouTube page.

Finally, we finally got our first Fan Art Submission from Rachel Dixon. If you have any art you would like us to host, just send it to me and we’ll add it. Thanks, Rachel. The permanent link is over there to the right.

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