September 18, 2005

Sep 18

It’s been a week of fun for me.. Kinder Eggs, concerts, and maybe a dedication?? Hmm.. I’m still unsure about that one. If so, I am completely blown away and thankful. Anyway, here’s your weekly Sunday afternoon update….

What would we do without our friend, Megumi? She’s back with a few pictures from Buzz Magazine (Japan). She tells me that she will translate the article when she has a few moments. Her job is keeping her busy at the moment. (Strange how things are really the same all over the world.)

I have passed on some video that I took at the Austin and Dallas, TX. Foozer show to Linda the super-mod at our message forum and she’s fixing it up for us. It *might* be a good idea to become a member over there and see what other goodies show up. We’ll have that video up sometime soon.

While I’m on that subject, if anyone can get their hands on a copy of Stacked Actors and the dedication before the song from the Dallas show – I’ll take audio and/or video.. I’m not going to be picky. Could you contact me if you could pass that along? I spazzed at that point and didn’t catch it on video…or audio.

I want to say hi to Wiley and to BB and tell them thanks for everything this past week.

I’ll be back in a few more days with some more updates.


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