September 28, 2005

Sep 28

So, our forum is still not fixed. I’m really bummed out about it, but I have decided that we’re gonna kick it old school and pull out the old message forum so we can all still chat until the regular board is fixed. I know that change can scare some of you, but it’s ok.. just log on (register if you never did at the old board) and start posting. If you DID have an old login, but need help with passwords or things like that, e mail me and I can help you out. In fact, e-mail me if you need me to help you register as well. I don’t mind. We’ll go back as soon as we get the forum fixed.

I have quite an update for you. I found Rolling Stone Magazine Issue 984 in my mailbox this evening. DOA is the #1 video played on MTV! I can’t believe it! They actually play music on MTV! (roll your eyes here). (Or is this the part where I yell “Quaddus!!!”?)

Megumi (you gotta love her) sent over some photos from some magazines as well. In Rock Magazine from October, (photos taken at the end of Fuji Rock she tells me), has a couple of photos and Total Guitar Magazine (from the U.K.) from September 2005. Megumi picked that up while she was playing the jet-setter and hanging out at a little Foo show called Astoria. *waves to Megumi*

See you guys soon-


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