Rolling Stone | Australia May 2011

Apr 06

Relle scanned & sent over the lastest issue of Australian Rolling Stone. Here are a few photos (click to enlarge) and the article/scans are available in pdf form by clicking the link. Thanks, Relle! (And as you can see, I have figured out the mystery of the thumbnail cropping.  No more cutting off Dave’s pretty face)…..

See you in New York this weekend.  I’ll be hanging around.


Click here for scans / pdf version



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FF at Sydney Airport

Mar 24

Thank you, Caro for sending in the photos…. (Click to Enlarge)


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August 18, 2007

Aug 18

Kelly transcribed the Australia Rolling Stone article with Dave. You can read it HERE. Thank you, Kelly!!!

If you can’t wait for the new video for “The Pretender” you can catch a quick glimpse of it HERE. (Looks awesome!)

HERE are a few photos of le Foo at a Radio 1 Breakfast and Concorde 2 gig.

So… I have to tell you that I was/am the biggest Duranie of all time. You can imagine how I squeeled like a 14 yr old girl when I came across this photo. John Taylor with Dave. Wow. I grew up in the 80s – I had the fedora hat and the white jazz shoes and I dyed my bangs blonde to match John’s. I went to all the reunion tours and even got pulled up on stage by John at their San Antonio show a few years back. I just realized how ridiculous I am, but whatever.. it’s all in fun. I wish I had a photo of Dave with Simon le Bon.. or Roger Taylor. Actually, I wish Andy Taylor was back in the band because they’re kind of no good without him, but I digress…

Have a wonderful weekend, kiddies.


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August 13, 2007

Aug 13

I know I’m behind on all-things-Dave and I apologize. I have a few things that will hopefully tide you over until the new album comes out in September. (I pre-ordered from iTunes.. ’cause that’s the kinda gal I am).

First off, Rachael sent us some of her photos from the Live Earth concert and you can have a look at them HERE. Thanks to Rachael who always donates her photos. I really appreciate it!!

Next up, Kersten uploaded the Q Magazine article for us all. Check it out HERE. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat to open this up. Thanks, Kersten!

Our very own Kelly is working on transcribing the Australian Rolling Stone Interview for us so I’ll have that up when she is all through with that.

Hey – check out our “Dave with Fans” photos and get your photo up there with the rest of us stalkers. :-p Email your photos to me at

So that’s all I have at the moment and I feel better for cleaning out my ‘Inbox’ and I really do apologize for the lack of attention lately. I promise to try harder.

See you very soon,


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December 03, 2005

Dec 03

Well, hello there…

Don’t have much to update since my Australian friends are being completely stingy and not sharing ANYTHING (hint hint).

I do have an update on the tour posters page. I love tour posters. (hint hint).

So here we are in December.. and that means January is coming up soon and someone quite special has a birthday around the 14th or so (hint hint)…. so, if you want, we can have another birthday page for Dave. Just send your wishes, photos, photoshops or anything else we can share online to me and I’ll set it all up. E mail your contributions to me at . If you need ideas, you can look at last years Birthday page HERE. If anyone else has any ideas or anything else that we could do, just let me know.

Last, but certainly not least… normally I wouldn’t waste the energy or the breath saying this but what the hell. I’m feeling good today and have the Christmas spirit.

Fuck Scott Stapp.

That’s right. I said it.

Happy Holidays!


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