Preparing for Dave’s Birthday Book in 2016

Oct 05

BirthdayBoyHi Everyone!!

I thought I might change things up a bit this year.  Usually I post the rules for Dave’s annual digital Birthday Book along with the link to submit your contributions. This year I’m sort of forcing you to read the rules for a few weeks before you’re even able to submit. This will give you time to get all of the answers to your questions and to think about what you want to create for Dave.

This is a yearly thing that we do for Dave and his birthday and it’s better and better each year. I ask you to think about the past year and what it has meant to you in regards to Dave / Foo Fighters. Think of the situation that he was put in – breaking his leg – and how he found a way to continue on with the tour.  The last thing I want to hear from anyone is “I can’t think of anything to say.”  That’s a shit excuse.  It’s his birthday.  Say Happy Birthday.  He found a way to do something for you….now return the favor.

Please read the rules and follow them all. I have no problem returning an entry because it doesn’t follow the rules.  If there’s any question at all – don’t hesitate to contact me via e mail (please don’t contact me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). 

So here’s the link for the Birthday Book Rules for 2016. Dave will be 47 on January 14.  Can’t wait to see what you guys and gals do this year! It’s always very creative and so much fun to read!

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Happy 46th Birthday, Dave!!!

Jan 14

BirthdayBoy*Throws confetti in the air*  It’s Dave’s Birthday! Everyone celebrate! Tweet that all over the world! #HappyBirthdayDaveGrohl

I know that everyone wants to get to the Birthday Book, but let me thank a few people first: Billy Chase & Kari Lueneberg for some of the graphic design on the birthday book. I really appreciate your help and willingness to step up and contribute! Thank you…!  And also Kevin Pinell who is the husband of my best friend – is a Photoshop genius –  and really doesn’t have a choice when I ask for Dave’s head on Miley Cyrus’ body. He just creates everything that I ask for and voila! Magic!!

Finally – thank you everyone who contributed and took the time out of your busy schedules to create, write, or film your greetings to Dave. We clocked in this year just around 225 entries…every one of them just as awesome as the next.  Thank you!!

So Happy Birthday, Dave. We love you and appreciate you so much.  I hope this little book gives you an idea of how much we adore you.  Enjoy!!


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Dave’s 45th Birthday Book is now accepting entries!

Nov 28

1457699_751855981496112_1473370884_n Sitting here with copious amounts of turkey/tryptophan hangover and remembering one more little Thanksgiving day tradition… the kick off of Dave’s Birthday Book for January 14, 2014.  Dave turns 45 that day and here’s your chance to wish him well. 

So please read the rules thoroughly. I have included this year a simple way to submit your photoshop / written entries with a simple submission box.

I wasn’t able to host the birthday book last year due to some serious health problems, but I’m much better this year, and I’m up for the challenge.

So again, please read the rules – and just know that there is no prize this year.  You’ll be doing this out of the goodness of your heart. 

I hope that you’ll join in and wish Dave a Happy Birthday.  45!!!

Link for the Birthday Book rules for January 14, 2014.     xo ~Leecy

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Happy 44th Birthday, Dave!

Jan 14

Dave’s birthday book is now online. Thanks so much for taking it over this year, Marco (FF Italian Fan Club), Jamilia (BENEFOO – Belgian & Dutch Foo Fighters Fans), and Jan (Foo Fighters Germany). I was feeling quite sad that my health prevented me from working on it this year, but you three came through and kept the tradition going. I’m very thankful to you.

Happy Birthday, Dave.  xo to you.


Dave’s Birthday Book

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Happy New Year!!

Jan 01

Happy New Year, everyone!

Not sure how 2012 will top 2011, but I have high hopes!

Just wanted to update the website and mention that the deadline for your Birthday Book entries is Jan. 13 at 6pm, New York City time.  I will probably end up extending the deadline a little bit, but please don’t wait until the last minute if you can help it. 

Also, just wanted to mention that the following prizes have been added to the ‘best entry’ contribution/winner:


You can see the other prizes, and read up on the rules for the book HERE. And please, PLEASE – remember to add your name to your contribution. This is a HUGE problem this year. You put so much work into it – just sign your name!!!  Thanks!


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