September 10, 2005

Sep 10

Megumi has once again (along with the help of Kelly) provided us with more Magazine photos from Japan. Crossbeat Magazine (September and October editions) as well as PIA Magazine. Check them out and then head on over to our message forum to thank Megumi & Kelly.

Photo of Andrew Lack, Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment with the Foo Fighters backstage during the “Shelter from the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast “. September 9, 2005


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May 07, 2005

May 07

Hey guys – guess what? It’s our 1 year Online Anniversary! What do you think?

Yep, we’re having a party here. 20,000 hits in a year ain’t too shabby. And you haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until we hit the ‘terrible two’s’.

(The above images were swiped from ” Goedeline ” so thanks for making those for us to stare at all day).

I’ve been promising you the Crossbeat Article on the new Foo Fighters Album for a while. This of course is the article that our friend Megumi from Tokyo translated for us. I’ve finally had a moment to get it together and get it put up here. I didn’t fool much with the translating thing. I sort of like the way that it was written. It gives a little more information into what some of the new songs sound like.

I wish I’d been invited to the BBQ. I love that shit. Not to mention, I could use a drink right about now.

Where do I turn in my resume to be the official photographer on this upcoming Foo tour? I need a change of venue myself.

Thanks to everyone for visiting over the past year and for signing up at our forums and just hanging out with us. You are appreciated!


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February 06, 2005

Feb 06

Megumi scanned the cover of Crossbeat Magazine as well as some photos that accompanied the article. I added them to the Dave Interview that she translated for us so be sure to check them out HERE.

Speaking of the Crossbeat Magazine, we had an error in the date of the publication, so that has been changed.

Our friend Beck at our postboard has typed up Dave’s article on Led Zeppelin that he wrote for Rolling Stone Magazine. I added it to the Articles & Interviews section. You can go there or click HERE to read it. Thanks for doing that, Beck.

If you haven’t been to our postboard, check it out. Link above. If you haven’t signed our Guest Book, please do!

If you’ve seen our Video page in the last 24 hours or so, you will see that we’re setting up some videos from the Tsunami Concert at the Wiltern last month. They’re not quite available yet as we’re working out the bugs, so please just give us some time. These are the videos that Jan recorded at the show.


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February 02, 2005

Feb 02

I’ve been meaning to get this up for everyone, but I’m really restricted with time, so I apologize.

Megumi, who is officially THE coolest girl in Tokyo, has translated the Crossbeat Magazine Article from Japan for us all. It’s a great interview and gives us quite a bit of good information regarding the new Foo Fighters album. Read it, memorize it, worship it. Kiss it every morning when you wake up from new Foo Fighter album dreams. Hug it at night before you go to bed, kiddies.

Please, PLEASE for the love of God, tell Megumi how much you appreciate her doing this. She really is awesome and I love her and appreciate her and she’s just a gal who loves herself some Dave Grohl. (And simply wants a hug from him when he shows up in Tokyo, HINT HINT, DAVE)

CLICKY and enjoy!


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January 31, 2005

Jan 31

I have a little more information from Megumi regarding the magazine that the interview below appeared in.


2005 March issue (cover page: Coldplay)

BURRN! Corporation

Date of the publication: Jan 21th, 2005

The interview was done sometime in Dec 2004, as it says ‘just before the New Year’.

Once Megumi has the opportunity, she is going to translate the interview for us. Hope that helps some of you out and at least backs up the information.


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