Happy 46th Birthday, Dave!!!

Jan 14

BirthdayBoy*Throws confetti in the air*  It’s Dave’s Birthday! Everyone celebrate! Tweet that all over the world! #HappyBirthdayDaveGrohl

I know that everyone wants to get to the Birthday Book, but let me thank a few people first: Billy Chase & Kari Lueneberg for some of the graphic design on the birthday book. I really appreciate your help and willingness to step up and contribute! Thank you…!  And also Kevin Pinell who is the husband of my best friend – is a Photoshop genius –  and really doesn’t have a choice when I ask for Dave’s head on Miley Cyrus’ body. He just creates everything that I ask for and voila! Magic!!

Finally – thank you everyone who contributed and took the time out of your busy schedules to create, write, or film your greetings to Dave. We clocked in this year just around 225 entries…every one of them just as awesome as the next.  Thank you!!

So Happy Birthday, Dave. We love you and appreciate you so much.  I hope this little book gives you an idea of how much we adore you.  Enjoy!!


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January 30, 2011

Jan 30

So many of you have asked me if I have picked a winner yet for the birthday book “contest” and my answer to you is: How do I choose?

I have a few ideas in mind. One would be to set up a poll here on the site where everyone could help pick the best entry. Of course this involves a little html skills that somehow I don’t seem to possess. There are quick generated polls you can enter quickly, but I’d like to show the entry + the person’s name along with a way to vote.

I was also given advice on just setting up a photo album on Facebook and making it public and let everyone vote that way. I like this idea and will probably go with it, but be patient with me. I have another idea or two and it might take a little while to get it together. Rest asured that we will have a winner.

Speaking of the birthday book…we had a little birthday party going on over on Twitter on Dave’s birthday and our goal was to get his name trending.

Not only did we trend in Brazil, USA, France, Germany….we trended WORLD WIDE which means that we really are all just a big bunch of nerds who sit around typing Dave’s name into a sentence with 140 characters or less.

So suck it, Twitterverse… you got owned.

Thanks, to Laura @kokalola for the image:

Fail Whale!!

So here are a few screen shots of “Dave Grohl” trending on Twitter:

Click on the photos to Enlarge

France (from Clarisse)


Brazil (from Diego)


Brazil (from Karina)


Germany (from Elle)


USA (me!)


World Wide (me!)

World Wide.

World Wide (me!)

World Wide.

Foo Fighters played a surprise “secret” show last night in Santa Barbara, CA. and you can read all about it HERE from Antiquiet.

Head over to FooArchive to get details on how to order your own copy of NME Magazine: Icons: Dave Grohl.

I recently updated the ‘Dave with his fans‘ photo page. So check out the new photos there.

Also, if you missed any of the photos that Dave has tweeted, I have copies of them HERE.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. Thanks again everyone for all of your help with the birthday book. It was a huge success. I’m very proud of it this year! Check back soon. I see another update on the way…

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January 14, 2011

Jan 14

Happy Birthday, Dave!!!

Let me tell you…this date comes around faster for me than I suspect that it does for Dave. I start planning this day out in October just to get organized and round up birthday book entries from fellow Dave fans. In fact, I’ll close the book on 2011 and then it will literally take me the rest of the year to come up with my ‘theme’ for next year’s book. It’s all worth it though! ’cause it’s DAVE’S BIRTHDAY!!!

If you have a Twitter account, we’re trying to get #HappyBirthdayDaveGrohl trending world wide. It’s total nerd, but then, so is Dave! ;-p So anytime you ‘tweet’ today, be sure to add that hashtag and sentence!

So thanks to everyone that took a few moments, hours, or even days to sit down and become a little bit creative or was just thoughtful enough to say ‘Happy Birthday’. Who doesn’t like to hear that on their birthday? We even had someone in the hospital on some serious medicine bugging their mom to bring them a laptop to finish a birthday wish! This year we had more entries than any previous year. Over 165 entries! Simply awesome.(Big thanks & shout out to Brazil. Dave please go play a show for them before they lose their minds.) I say it every year. Dave is LOVED.

Extra special thanks to Elle in Germany who came through again with all of the graphics you’ll see for the theme, and as always to my friend Kevin in Texas who actually did my photoshop entries for me on his birthday last weekend. Thanks also to Karina at FooFighters Brazil online for gathering up all of the contributions over there & to Jamilia in Belgium who helped out with the FF Postboard contribution.

So without further ado, please grab some popcorn & your favorite drink & sit back and enjoy the show. Just remember that with so many entries, you might need to refresh the ‘Fan Contributions’ page as it might have a tough time loading the first time you access it.

Happy Birthday, Dave. You are loved, adored, worshipped and ok, you’re even kind of a cool guy. I for one am proud to say that I’m a fan.

Click on the graphic to read the Birthday Book

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January 14, 2007

Jan 14

Well, the day has finally arrived! I officially declare today, January 14: World Dave Grohl Day. And I have the authority to do it too! It’s the man of the hour’s 38th birthday! It’s a celebration, bitches!

Who says January is the most boring month of the year?! I say it’s a busy time for me and I actually enjoy working on our traditional Dave Grohl Internet Birthday Book. This is our third year and I’m all ready making plans for year 4! Ok, I might rest for a few months before actually thinking about it but it will definitely be back in 2008.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to sit down and write, draw, or design all of the amazing contributions. I have bugged everyone to get their stuff in for over a month now and I think it was completely worth it. Dave is most definitely loved, admired, adored, and cared for by his fans.

So, without further ado, please step up to the Box Office and buy your ticket for the Birthday Book… take a seat, turn up your sound (one of the pages actually has sound… oooooo!), pop some popcorn, grab your drink… put on your party hats and enjoy the show…. it starts immediately.


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January 14, 2005

Jan 14


Well, well,well…. the big 3-6. My goodness how time flies. Didn’t you just turn 30 or something..? Like… are you really this OLD? Just teasin’, Dave. You know we love you.

To check out all the wonderful birthday wishes for the Grohl, click HERE. Thanks to everyone who contributed….we can’t speak for Dave, but hopefully he’ll be feeling the love.

Make sure you scroll all the way down, check out everyone’s wishes, and then click the link at the bottom for my special birthday contribution.

In Non-Birthday news: Dave will be performing Monday the 17th in Los Angeles at the Wiltern with Tenacious D among others as a fundraiser for Tsunami victims. Tickets were sold through Ticketmaster, but I believe that they are all sold out now so.. sucks for you if you were all excited there for a second and then realized you couldn’t go. :-p Our very own ‘Rival’ who helps out around here will be going (the lucky bitch) so…. yeah, she’s not my friend at the moment (until she returns with pictures, that is..).

That’s about it, boys and girls. Here’s hoping Dave has many, many more birthdays….



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