March 11, 2007

Mar 11

I have a few things for you today. First of all, Rachael sent over her Hyde Park Photos so you can see them HERE. They’ll also be in our photos section. I found an old Maxim article and put that up in our Press section, but you can access it HERE. This was done in 2000. It’s funny to read Dave talk about how he wouldn’t pay $100 to see a reunion tour unless it was the Police, but that he’d better receive a T shirt with that price. How about just opening up for them? I hope you get your T shirt, Dave. Our friend Eline6 at our message board made a nice wallpaper for your desktop. Check it out HERE.


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July 30, 2006

Jul 30

Our friend Fran has sent over some photos she took at Hyde Park. Take a look at them HERE.

I updated our page of photos for our forum regulars who recently toured the West Coast and saw a bunch of the acoustic shows. You can see those photos HERE.

Many of us here at the website will be at the Atlantic City Foo Rock show. Let me know if you’re planning on going as well.


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July 23, 2006

Jul 23

I added a few more pics of Rachael’s Hyde Park photos.

Phil sent some in as well. Thanks, guys!

Dysis made some cool Dave wallpapers for your computers. Check them out HERE. We also have avatars on our downloads page. If anyone else wants to create some wallpapers and have me host them, please send them to me at .

This has to be my favorite page that I have made here in a long time. (Second only to Dave’s Birthday Wishes Page this past year.) We have a lot of ‘regular’ members at our postboard who were lucky enough to catch a few of the Foo Fighters Acoustic shows out on the West Coast. I demanded they take some pictures together; get some group shots with the guys if they could. They all turned out great and I wish I could have been there to meet up with them. Don’t worry though, a bunch of us will be in full force at the Atlantic City rock show (me included) so I’m sure we’ll add more to these. I know there are some more photos out there too, they just haven’t been uploaded yet.

That’s all I have for now. Have a great week, everyone!


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July 15, 2006

Jul 15

Hey Everyone –

I have to apologize for not updating sooner or more often but life has sort of got in the way. Work, school, and just other stuff has taken a lot of my time, not to mention my computer crashed… another computer that was on loan crashed and so I had to invest in a new computer. I’m finally all set and it will be much easier for me to update now.

*IF YOU SENT CONTRIBUTIONS* – I believe that I lost some things in the crash and I would like to ask you to send them to me again. I know for certain that someone sent me some wall papers that they had made of Dave and I do not have them. If you have things like that, please send them and I’ll get them put up here.

I wanted to share this photo – it made its way into my ‘Inbox’ through a friend of a friend. The guy on the drumset is actually a guy that I went to high school with and he has worked on movie sets and music video sets since leaving home. He ended up working on the “My Hero” video and I suppose this is when the photo was taken. Small world.

Rachael has sent over some of her Hyde Park Photos. She’s actually probably going to send more so check back soon.

I also received this in my e mail from AOL music. Foo Fighters from Hyde Park.

We’ve had quite a few of our “regular” post-boarders attend a lot of the acoustic shows lately and they’re writing their experiences up over at our Message Board and are posting their photos. Good Stuff.

I’ll actually be heading up to the Atlantic City, New Jersey Foo Fighters/Rye Coalition show in August. Let me know if you’re going.. I’d love to meet you.

See you all soon.


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June 18, 2006

Jun 18

First things first: Hyde Park Photos HERE. For those of you who will ask me, sorry but there were no shots of the other guys in the band. If you have some Hyde Park photos and want me to post them, e mail them to me at

If you’re through looking at the photos, I just want to let everyone know that I am trying to keep up with things around here, but we might not get as updated as quickly as we usually do. I started back to school this summer. First time I have stepped into a classroom in …. 17 years..? I am studying web and graphic design so maybe one day I can actually make this place look somewhat professional. Oh, and the first discussion in my first class was ‘you know those awful fan page websites where they steal all of the photos and they think it’s ok to just put them up…? That’s stealing..!!’ I hung my head in shame, but the show must go on, you know? :-p

Keep checking back for more Hyde Park stuff. I’m sure we’ll get more. Illegally.


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