October 19, 2004

Oct 19

On a personal note, Happy Birthday, Trey.

Oct. 19 is a great day.

Check out the pictures of Dave and some of the ‘gang’ from the John Kerry Rally HERE. These of course came from BB’s site.

I have much to talk about, but very little time at the moment so check back and I’ll get you up to date.



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October 09, 2004

Oct 09

Foo Fighters are playing a post-debate show for John Kerry in Tempe, AZ on Wednesday, October 13. You can print your ticket out HERE. Thanks to ‘foo 07’ from the FF.com postboard for giving me the heads up on that one.

Dammit. I’m seriously considering a road trip.

Are you scared of my html abilities I’m suddenly using? Check it out.. a SCROLL BAR to the news page. Thanks to Rival for walking me through all of that.

And check out the audio page because my friend ‘Van’ hooked me up with a live version of Come Back. If you’ve heard it before, well… too bad. Listen again. If not, it rocks!

More later – because the 10th is our 5 month online anniversary. It’s only gonna get better!


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September 02, 2004

Sep 02

Nice photo HERE of Dave performing at the St. Louis John Kerry rally. I also added it to the John Kerry page .

What the hell?

I added a few more pictures of Dave at Street Scene in San Diego . *Yum*

Recent Rolling Stone Magazine article HERE (Scroll down).

Keep checking back. I’ll have more later.



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August 07, 2004

Aug 07

There are more pictures of Dave from the John Kerry Fundraiser in LA on July 6 HERE.

One word: Yummy.

As far as we know, the next thing we’ll be looking forward to is Foo Fighters playing the Street Scene festival in San Diego, CA on Aug. 28.

Don’t forget to register to vote if you’re here in the United States like me.

Have a great weekend!



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August 05, 2004

Aug 05

More pictures on the John Kerry Page.



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