October 08, 2004

Oct 08

You know… you gotta love a man who can play drums, guitar, or any instrument really… and can also use his hands to build a studio. Sexy, my friends… that’s hot.

I’m working hard on the video page, but so far.. I’m having no luck in making my own videos so I’m grabbing them from elsewhere. Hopefully I’m picking some things that you guys and gals would like to see. If not, well, send videos to me, dammit!

If you’re bored, you could sign up with us over at our messge board or sign my guest book. Otherwise, you’re just sitting around waiting for more studio pictures like me. All though, I don’t think that they could get any better than those two pics. Dave looks good in green. Hell, I’m inspired and changed my text color.

On a side note… I get to see The Pixies this month.. I don’t know if I’ll recover or not so I might not have an update until November.


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September 26, 2004

Sep 26

Ooooooo, Baby. Get out of the way because the video train is coming through! That’s right… I actually made time to get this thing going and while it too will be a work in progress, it kicks ass. Now, my personal ability to make videos will be interesting because I still need to see if there is a way to get a better quality video, but for now.. the best quality things are what you’re gonna get.

*IF* anyone out there has good quality Dave video that you want up on the site, well… let’s put our heads together and make it happen. If nothing else, we’ll transfer it through AIM or something and I’ll get it up on the site. Darlings, I’m here for you and your Dave watching pleasure! I’m willing to do what it takes! You just have to work with me!

Wanna know what else is cool about this? My hosting company doubled my hosting space for the second time in 2 months without raising my monthly payment, and I could host a whole Foo Fighters concert and not even flinch. It’s official! This website was meant to be!!

Now, after you check out the video page, get your ass over to our message board and start talking because it’s starting to become quite the happenin’ hang out place. Your fault if you’re not one of the cool kids. Some of the coolest people in the world are members there. I’m not kidding.



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August 10, 2004

Aug 10

Ok, guess what? Today marks our official online anniversary. Three months we’ve been giving you the Davie-love and it’s only going to get better. Three months! Over 3000 hits.. we’re TNKA. Takin’ names, and kickin’ ass, my friend.

One thing I wanted to point out was that THIS photo was scanned by AmyA (from the FF.com board) and I sort of just yanked it from over there not knowing that the setlist is actually her’s and in her posession, so I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. And thank you very much, Amy for letting me keep it here. You can see the rest of the pictures from that show (July 6 with Tenacious D/John Kerry fundraiser) HERE.

So here’s what we’re looking forward to within the next three months. We want to get the video page up and running. I have quite a few things that I would like to get up here, more of the rare Dave type stuff rather than what you can rip off at Kazaa or things of that sort. I’m having a little trouble with my video maker in the area of sound, so as soon as I figure it out, I’ll have that page up and running as well.

We’re all about suggestions here on how to make things better or what we can add so if you have ideas, just let any of us know.

So keep hanging out with us and we’ll try to keep up with Dave. You know that he’s always got SOMETHING going on!



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May 16, 2004

May 16

Site is finally up and running. Still working on sections and don’t want to link to them until I have at least something on them. Message board is fully functional, please register and post.


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May 10, 2004

May 10

Welcome to Sweet Paramania. This site is a work in progress and any suggestions and or contributions will be greatly appreciated! Any questions should be directed towards Lisa@sweetparamania.com

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